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Dungeness Dragon Farm
Bottle Works
House, Garden, and Yard Art
5' tall, 150 pounds
$600 (SOLD)

Coffee Shop Windows
2' tall, 4' long 80 pounds each
$150 each (SOLD)

Bird Baths
4' tall 80 pounds each
$150 each (SOLD)

Dragon Farm Bird Bath
4' tall 160 pounds
$850 (not for sale)
Transom Window
Prior to delivery
$150 (SOLD)

Lawn Dragon
3' tall, 14' long
$500 (SOLD)
SOLD Works
This gallery displays some, but not all, of the work we have sold. While we try to get photos of the works after they have been installed, but that's not always possible when they have been sold out of the area, or picked up at the Farm. In any case, these pictures will give you an idea of what we have done in the past. We do not accept commissions per se. However, if you want to suggest something for us to make, we'll make it if we think it would look good on the Farm. You can then buy it if you like it.                          
SOLD Works