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Dungeness Dragon Farm
Bottle Works
House, Garden, and Yard Art
Here at the Dungeness Dragon Farm we create and sell Fantasy sculpture and other art objects. Our least expensive sculptures incorporate recycled wine bottles to give a stained glass look in the sunlight. Take a look at our bottle works gallery to see them. Traditional concrete sculptures are created with concrete that is layered over steel rod and wire mesh armatures. Our house, garden, and yard art gallery includes stepping stones, wind chimes, and the other fun things we make. For the curious, we tell you about us . And, naturally, we tell you how to contact and find us if  you want to visit the garden in person.
A fantasy sculpture garden
Kasmarii, the first dragon to hatch on the farm.

Weight: 1400 pounds estimated
Height: 7' 6" base to wing tip.
Armature: rebar and chicken wire
Core: fiber reinforced concrete
Outer layer: Non-shrink grout
Method: hand build up and modeling

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SOLD Works